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November 30th 2012, somewhere in Hong Kong...Under cover of darkness, a small group of best friends anxiously climb the fierce, near vertical staircase winding a kilometer up the side of a mountain. Their destination, a WW1 Machine gun nest, connected to a network of underground tunnels overlooking the lights of the city.

The group had come across the site during a hiking expedition a week before and were struck by the incredible beauty of the jungle location, contrasted with the cold concrete ruins of the bunker. A plan was made to visit again the next weekend to watch the sun go down with some of our own music, and light the place up beautifully for the evening. No one could have foreseen the magic that happened that night, and every event since. It's what every club around the world attempts to tap into, yet most are only able to offer a fleeting glimpse...

The philosophy was simple, no public disclosure of location, an intimacy and wow factor to every location topped off with a guiding mentality of 'leave no trace' on exit.

These gatherings grew from word of mouth and although the sites varied, one name and one mantra stuck...

'There's only one rule... Do not talk about BUNKER CLUB'.

A few evidently broke this rule somewhere down the line because BUNKER steadily grew over the years from 50 to 1000 people, bringing laser shows, uv body painting, live graffiti, projection mapping, stilt performers, fire eaters and more. As word got out, it spread far and wide leading to features in Vice Magazine and the London Guardian to name but a few.

BUNKER’s music policy leveraged local DJs playing deep, techy, melodic and progressive house and breakz. Yet, eventually attracted superstar international names such as Nick Warren and Dave Seaman, who were excited to play with no announcement as special guests brought in as thanks to our followers, those who dare to seek adventure off the beaten path - affectionately referred to as “Bunkeroos”.